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Makeup Tips and Types of Make up

Make-Up Tips and Types of Make Up


Makeup, as we are all well aware, is an art of beautifying, cleansing, enhancing and altering features.  Everyone loves to enhance their best features, hide their flaws and look perfect! Ladies aging from as young as 10 and above are widely using makeup nowadays to promote attraction or increase self-confidence and satisfaction. Makeup is always in process of reinventing and improving, quality and result-wise.

Photo Credit: http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/makeup-school

 New forms of makeup have been introduced, though most of the old methods are still applied. The more creative and interested you are, the more you can reinvent the world of makeup. It’s exciting to see how makeup has started from the minute ‘lip colors and kohl liners’ to a whole new era of airbrushing and cutting-edge methods to make one look like the picture of perfection!

Eye Makeup:

Eye Makeup

Photo Credit: http://gertiesdictums.blogspot.com/2012/08/eye-make-up-part-2.html

Eye Makeup is perhaps the most visibly creative and fun part of makeup. If your eyes look perfectly highlighted, everything turns out beautifully. Eyes are the most popular area of interest for makeup users, as it changes a person’s whole look. Women apply it to enhance the most captivating of their facial features-eyes, of course! A few insider tips to having the perfect eye makeup;

  1. For ladies with small eyes, always underline your eyes with dark kohl, especially when using light eye shadow.
  2. Dark eye circles can be covered by using an eye concealer of the same skin tone.
  3. Wide eyes can be toned down by using ultra-thin eyeliner to highlight eyelashes. Using kohl makes eyes look even wider!
  4.  When applying eye shadow, always start by using an eye shadow base to even out your skin tone and achieve the vibrancy of each color you apply.

Bridal Makeup:

Bridal MakeupBridal Makeup is the most sought-after form of makeup. Brides always aim to achieve perfection without overdoing it, which is usually the case. Most salons just hear the words ‘Bridal Makeup’ and get about overdoing it, while their main aim is to make the bride look glowing naturally. In bridal makeup, a simple wrong shade of lipstick can ruin it all. Red lipsticks on the wedding day usually look overdone, as a color like red on the lips should be teamed up with natural-looking eyes. Vibrant colors toned down by moderate touches achieve perfection. Smokey black eye shadows are all the rage in bridal makeup, and if a nude lipstick is applied along with it, it is a sure winner!

Photo Credit: http://bridalmusings.com/2011/10/beauty-tutorials-make-up-tips-for-a-destination-wedding/

Foundation and base are equally important aspects in bridal makeup, if the base is too heavy, again; it reflects exaggeration. The key is to even out the skin tone, achieve the same color as the complexion and make it glow without altering the skin color.

Airbrush Makeup:

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is basically cosmetics sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of using brushes, fingers, sponges or other ways. As it is an expert method, it is widely used in film, theatre and tanning salons, though this method is also available for personal use. Airbrushing creates perfect skin contouring, eye highlighting and lip plumping. The airbrush is used rarely in salons, but at this rate, the day when we all use airbrushes is not far away! It’s a convenient form of makeup with perfect results, as we have our favorite TV stars to prove it. When using difficult and precise areas such as eyeliner in airbrush makeup, stencils are recommended. Now, after this new discovery, doesn’t using eyeliner freehand seem unnecessarily difficult and old-fashioned?

Photo Credit: http://salonredanddayspa.com/airbrush_makeup

Permanent Makeup:

Permanent makeup lives up to its name. It is basically the application of permanent tattoos to resemble makeup. If a lady wants permanent eyeliner, lip color, base, or eyebrow tattoos, permanent makeup is used. If you do not have the time to apply makeup every morning for work, or want to enhance your features permanently, this is the solution you have been searching for. Permanent makeup can also achieve a natural look, by giving lips a usual shade and so on. Blemishes and spots are also removed easily by tattoos of the general skin color. Permanent makeup, if having the undesired effect, can also be removed or altered by a skilled and experienced permanent makeup professional.

The immediate result of permanent makeup is usually darker, and fades over time. The timeline of its results are difficult to evaluate, but over time depending on various factors, permanent makeup fades. Sun exposure or environmental issues are some of those factors.

Makeup, be it any kind, never goes out Permanent Makeupof style. The key to stay in style even with the oldest methods and shades is to IMPROVISE. If you are creative enough to improvise and adjust the new shades with the old ones, you are always in vogue!  The makeup academies today such as Bobbi Brown, Makeup Forever and MAC, teach their students to learn the oldest methods up to the newest, so that they can cobble them together and create gorgeous forms of artistry.

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